Talk about a newly built public facility (such as parks, cinemas etc) that improves/influence local life quality in your city

● What the facility is
● Where is it
● How does it improve the life quality
● How you feel about it

● India is a developing country and the government is providing many amenities to the
● Recently the government has stressed on the need for public toilets,cleanliness and
● In our city there were many open areas that were unused and unattended
● The local administration of … has developed these into open or outdoor gyms.
● There are exercise machines that are very simple to use and easy to maintain.
● Senior citizens do not have to go far for physiotherapy and exercise.
● The women do not sit on the benches and chat instead they exercise
● This facility has added value to the health and also made good use of public land.
● Around these parks we can see some hawkers selling healthy food like milk ,juice
and cottage cheese.
● These have made areas around them very proactive and full of life.
● This endeavor made by our local administration is catching up in the neighboring
towns as well.
● Earlier these dirty corners were full of accumulated garbage and were breeding
grounds for germs.
● Many mischievous elements used to sit and play cards here but now the parks are
full of positive energy.
● I would say the creation of open gyms have not only improved physical health but
also contributed for mental peace and beautification.