Useful collocation to practice : Danger

 1         Verb + danger Use the correct form of these verbs: expose to         flirt with                      pass face                 realise                            reduce Unfortunately, the swimmers didn’t ______________ the danger they were in until it was too late. During the first GulfWar, it was

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Useful collocation to practice : Description

Key word: description 1          Verb + description Use the correct form of these verbs: contain            defy                 fit give                  issue                write It had been a clear night. The girl saw her attacker clearly, so she was able to__________ the police and pretty accurate description of him. No words could describe the beauty of the scenery. It

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Useful collocations to practice : argument

1          Verb + argument (reasons behind ideas) Use the correct form of these verbs: accept              follow              hear                 put forward                 support His lecture just didn’t seem to make any sense. I couldn’t ___________ his argument at all. Could you? I’ve spent the last week doing my research. Now I’ve got lots of

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