Something you bought but did not use much

  1.  What was the thin
  2. did you buy it
  3.  Why you bought it
  4.  Why you didn’t use it often?

● We all like to do shopping
● We see beautiful things around us and want to buy them even if we don’t need them much.
● I have also bought many things which i haven’t used much, but here I would like to talk
about a watch which I bought 6 months ago.
● One day, while I was surfing the net, I came across an ad of a Titan watch which caught my
● There was a discount offer going on.
● Fortunately, I had saved up some of my pocket money
● So, I ordered it online
● I was very happy when I received it.
● It is a beautiful watch, with a square dial and a golden strap
● I wore it regularly for a few days.
● But very soon I started forgetting to wear it.
● My cell phone is always there with me and I can check the time on that.
● Last month my cousin came from Canada and brought for me a fit bit smart watch.
● Since then my Titan watch has become redundant.
● It is lying in my room on my bedside table.
● I have got a lesson that whenever we do any shopping, we should think ten times about its
usefulness for us.
● Otherwise we will be piling up things we will hardly ever use.
● Whether we realize it or not this clutter adds stress to our lives.
● As it is we are filling up our landfill sites by our use and throw culture.
● We keep on buying new things and the old ones keep piling up.