Adapting to the New Normal – IELTS Preparation

This COVID pandemic situation has almost changed everything around the world. Likewise even the normal situation for people has changed throughout. It’s almost 6 months we’ve never done anything that we usually do. But slowly things and normal life has started resuming and we’re getting used to the “new normal.” So, what about the preparations

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January to December 2019 Cue cards

Welcome to the new list of expected cue card from January 2019 to April 2019 This is the one more versions of this cue card it contains 55 topics. Click the link below and find the answer explanation and third part questions. Try it thanks 1. Describe a person you have seen or met who

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IELTS Speaking practice: Books and Films

Books and Films Topic is very common for the Speaking part of IELTS. In this IELTS speaking sample you can see a variety of questions and useful vocabulary about books & films that you can face on the test day.   Part 1 Do you enjoy reading? Yes, absolutely! A great way to relax to learn something new

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