IELTS Speaking Test in Patiala (Feb 2020 )

Note: Due to covid 2019 IELTS tests are not in Active Mode so we are presenting some speaking Tests from different parts of Punjab.


What is your name?

What is your hobby?

What do you like to do in free time?

Is your free time different now from that in the past?

Do you relax more on weekdays or weekends?

Cue card

Describe a holiday you would like to go in the future

Where it will be?

Who will go with you?

How this will be helpful to you?


What kind of places people prefer to go in holidays?

Do you think holidays help to get rid of stress?

How do people approach such places?

What special preparation people have to make before going such kind of places?

Are there any special places to visit in your country?

Do Indian people like to visit abroad?

How can people benefit from travelling?

Do you like to travel on your own or with your family?

Do you like to visit popular places or less known places?

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