Describe a person who can use or speak a second language.

Please say

– Who this person is?
– What language can he/she use?
– How often does he/she use it?

At first, I want to begin by calling attention to something about who this individual is. As a matter of fact, I realize a considerable amount individuals who are bilingual, anyway I’d prefer to share about my closest companion who is conversant in Japanese. Her name is Nguyen and she is as of now working in a Japanese corporate. Indeed, she is the person who has enlivened me a long way to go the subsequent language. The factor that makes her extraordinary to me is the way that in spite of gaining Japanese all alone, she figured out how to get amazing at it with exquisite sound like a local speaker. The main explanation urging her to gain proficiency with this language is without a doubt very basic. At the point when she was in college, she went gaga for a Japanese individual and bit by bit got dependent on this present nation’s way of life and language. Along these lines, she endeavored and put a ton of exertion in Japanese with the main objective of having the option to speak with her sweetheart in his primary language. Time passed by and her enthusiasm for this language developed so solid that she subscribed to overcome it, regardless of how hard it is with regards to the matter of self – study. Anyway by the day’s end, she accomplished it decisively and bunches of chances go to her after graduation from college. It is my companion who gives me a valuable exercise throughout everyday life: Do the thing you are really energetic about and you will shake it.


  • Bilingual (a): speaking two language fluently
  • Corporate (n): a company or a group
  • Acquire (v): obtain, to get
  • Chief (a): most important
  • Fall in love with (idiom): to begin to love someone
  • Exert oneself (expression): put oneself to strenuous effort
  • Conquer (v): overcome and take control of something
  • At the end of the day (idiom): finally
  • With flying colors (idiom): successfully.

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