Describe A Painting Or Work Of Art

You should say:

when you saw this work of art

where you saw it

what it looked like

and explain your impression of it.


I’d like to talk about one of the most popular paintings in the world- Mona Lisa which was painted by an Italian artist-Leonardo da Vinci. This (1) masterpiece was (2) acclaimed as the most recognized and most visited artwork in the history of art. The woman sits markedly upright in an armchair with her arms folded to (3) depict Lisa as a (4)virtuous woman and faithful wife. The painting was one of the first portraits to depict the sitter in front of an imaginary landscape, and Leonardo was one of the first painters to use the toughest drawing technique of all the time. The painting is so famous as there are so many(5) hypotheses about it. What attracts me the most about this painting is Mona Lisa’s charming smile. It’s not only the most beautiful feature on her face but also has lots of mysteries. Some people said that her smile looks different from a different angle and it has been at the center of much debate and speculation over the years. The artist created a painting that worths a thousand words and has become the iconic painting of all the time.I personally think Mona Lisa is truly an impressive painting, after all it was painted by the great Leonardo DaVinci

  • masterpiece
  • be acclaimed as
  • depict
  • virtuous woman and faithful wife
  • hypothesis
  • at the center of much debate and speculation
  • a painting that worths a thousand words
  • iconic painting
  • the great


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