IELTS Speaking test in Moga – December 2018 (A.C)


Describe the place what you are currently living at?
What kind of music do you listen?
Do you listen to music when you are studying or working?
Do people listen to the same music that people used to listen in the past?
Do you think music will change in the future?


Describe an important event that you celebrated,
Who you celebrated with,
In which place did you celebrate,
Describe why it was an important event.


Why do people celebrate events?
What kind of event do you celebrate?
Is it important to have a large number of people at an event?
Why people invite large numbers of people to weddings?
How could be ensured an event is successful.
Are international events positive for countries?
What are negative aspects of international events in countries?
What could put in danger countries holding an international event?

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